Best beaches in Zadar and the region

Best beaches in Zadar and the region

If you are interested in getting the best out of your vacation in Zadar you should strongly consider visiting some of the amazing beaches that are in this area. Whether you are proceeding to one of these areas with your family or looking for a place to relax and unwind alone, you should put these beaches above other areas of Zadar:

Lojena: This Sandy Beach resembles an area similar to a beach that you might visit in the Caribbean. The clear and turquoise water coupled with the white sand can create a dramatic effect and this beach is perfect for families as well as for romantic getaways.

Nin’s lagoon beach: This smaller beach is a number of sandy beaches that seem to extend out of a small lagoon and an oasis in the middle of the coastline. Nins lagoon has been a popular spot to learn kayaking, kite surfing for many years.

Sakarun: This beach is located just west of the Sali area and it is known for its slightly rocky coastline with ample opportunity for snorkeling and diving. If you are interested in seeing some unique aquatic wildlife, this could be the place to do it.

Soline: This light Pebble Beach is home to a unique campsite as well as a majestic point that juts out from the shoreline. This could be the perfect place to enjoy a coastal walk or to wade in the warm sea.

Consider any of these locations for your next beach adventure in Zadar region.