Best historical sites in Split

Best historical sites in Split

split croatia diocletian palace

Split Croatia is home to many different historical sites but if you're going to be planning a vacation sometimes you may not know exactly which sites you should be visiting first. Here are some of the best ancient sites that you should check out during your stay in Split Croatia:

St Domnius Cathedral: This ancient Roman Cathedral is one of the very few ancient buildings that continues to stand today. This was first built as a mausoleum for Diocletian who was a persecutor of Christians. He was buried here in 311 A.D. and the area was turned into a church in the fifth century.

Diocletian’s palace: This palace is a massive Roman ruin that makes up most of the old town in Split. This is a historical location that can take some time to explore and it is still a very functional aspect of the city with many working restaurants, shops and bars. The palace is also one of the UNESCO protected sites.

Tusculum Museum: This museum is located to the northeast of Split  in Solin and it features some of the largest architectural wonders in a museum preserved format. You can see some of the most famous sculptures in Croatia which have been beautifully preserved. The archeologist are still actively working and finding pieces that are connected to ancient Salona, once capital of roman provinence of Dalmatia.

Manastirine: Located just outside of Split you can explore a number of different sarcophagi that have been buried in preserved from ancient Salona. This was a popular burial site for many Christian martyrs and it continues to be a holy site of Christianity today.

Consider some of these amazing historical wonders located around Split if you would like to take in the history of the area and see all of the ancient historical treasures that Split has to offer.