Best wineries in Zadar to visit on your tour

Best wineries in Zadar to visit on your tour

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Zadar is a region with a distinct culture for wine. Zinfandel grapes actually trace their roots back to this region as well. The good news is that many of these locations remain open to the public and available for sampling. Here are some of the top places that you should visit for the best wines in Zadar:

Royal vineyards: on this historical land some of the first grapes in this region were cultivated. This is what many people refer to as the heart of Zadar wines. On this original land that was planted by a King in the 11th century,  the vineyard has spread to over 40 ha. Today this region produces some of the world's most in demand Zinfandel and it's mostly available for sample from winemakers to continue to use some of the original recipes to this day. This area has become a commonplace stop for many top wine tours and it's a great place where you can get some wine education on some of the history of the region and the wineries that were once ancient mausoleums for monks. The Royal vineyards has extensive history and winemaking and also has a small restaurant where you can try local dishes pair with best local wines.

Skaulj: Located near Nadin, this winery is just a short distance away from Zadar and a must visit for many sampling tours. This winery is known for its organic wines and this is what makes its processes unique. The tasting facilities allow visitors to try out award-winning wines that have made this one of the top and in demand producers for the area. Wines produced here won medals from Decanter which is well known world wide.

Keep these top amazing wineries in mind if you are in the Zadar area and you want to explore the history of top international winemaking.