From Korcula, visit Peljesaca the most famous wine region in Croatia

From Korcula, visit Peljesaca the most famous wine region in Croatia

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The Pelješac wine region boasts of delicious Croatian wines and while you’re in KorĨula you must go visit some wineries. One of the nicest things is that it isn’t swamped with tourists so you receive one on one treatment at the wineries. 

The Pelješac area is well known for their red wine production, specifically the Plavac mali grape. The two designated wine regions within Pelješac are Postup and Dingac.  The regions both enjoy lots of sunlight throughout the year meaning the reds have a richness that comes from warm climates. The reds are known to be full bodied, rich and have lots of tannins.

Many of the wineries are family owned and known for their high quality grapes. Miloš Winery features dry reds and also a refreshing rose. The winemaker and owner Frano Miloš started the winery after the collapse of communism. The grapes of the Milo winery are 100% organic. Visit the winery for the wine, but enjoy the beautiful views from the tasting room which is on the side of a mountain.

Next on the list is Korta Katarina winery which is actually owned by an American. Here you can enjoy reds, rose and a very popular white Pošip. The owners, Lee and Penny Anderson fell in love with Croatia after visiting in 2001 as part of a relief mission to help the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Saint Hills winery is fairly new, having opened in 2014. The wine for Saint Hills comes from their three vineyards which are located in Peljesac, Istria and Komarna. The winery makes five specific wines which are two reds, two whites and a rose.