Must see attractions in Hvar

Must see attractions in Hvar

hvar croatia

Hvar is home to many amazing attractions and if you are planning a trip to this area, you may be wondering what the best ones might be for your next vacation. Here are some of the top attractions that you could consider visiting during your next visit to Hvar:

Franciscan monastery: The Franciscan monastery in Hvar is a historical place that sometimes even hosts open-air concerts and is still an active Catholic church. The tour for this church is best taken at sunset with astounding views from the tower. This older monastery also has its own private beach making it the perfect place to tour and then enjoy a nice swim.

The Napoleon fortress: Towards the center of the island you can see an amazing landmark in the Napoleon fortress. Although it does require a light climb through a well-marked and cared trail, the view from the top is absolutely astounding. Be sure to bring a camera with you to this fortress for some stunning views of the seaside. 

Spanjola fortress: Located close by to the Napoleon fortress is the Spanjola fortress built in 1579. Both of these unique fortress areas were responsible for looking after the island. The fortress does take some time to get to but it presents a beautiful angle on the island and some prestigious views of the seaside.

The blue cave: Located near island Vis famous blue cave is a must day tour from Hvar. This sea cave has a wonderful view that creates an eerie blue light throughout the Cliffside cave. This natural phenomenon is absolutely beautiful and you can also swim for even better experience.