The best adventure and adrenaline activities in Zadar

The best adventure/adrenaline activities in Zadar

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Zadar is a region that is definitely known for its history as well as some of the unique experiences along the coastline. If you are looking for a bit of adventure rather than history or soaking up sand and surf, Zadar can deliver in a big way as well. Here are some of the best adrenaline pumping adventures that you can have in Zadar:

The Zadar Archipelago tour: This hair-raising speedboat tour is one of the best ways that you can explore the islands surrounding Zadar. Going out on a fast jetboat with an experienced tour guide can be a great way that you can get some amazing speed on the sea and perhaps even see a bit of wildlife from the shore.

The kayak and bike adventure: Mountain biking through some of the largest islands off of Zadar as well as sea kayaking through seaside caves can a truly interesting day trip or afternoon.

Paklenica Avanturist: This is a fun rock climbing excursion that you can try with the help of a guide out of Zadar. If you have ever thought of rock climbing in nature, this is a great way to use all of the correct safety gear and give real rock climbing a try. Start on some smaller rock faces and work your way up to full cliffs by the end of the experience! Paklenica is around 30min outside of Zadar and is also known for best hiking trails in Croatia.