The best historical sites in Zadar

The best historical sites in Zadar

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Zadar is a region that's extremely rich with history. With such an extensive history and it can be difficult to narrow down the best historical sites to visit during your stay. Here are some of the most visited historical sites in Zadar so that you can plan your trip correctly while on the tour.

The Zadar city gate: The Zadar city gate is an absolute wonder with unique sculptures as well as a large gates that date back to ancient Mediterranean architecture. Many people feel for a second as though they are in Greece looking up at the original city gates that bordered the edge of town. The structures were built during the Roman and Venetian periods within the rule of Zadar.

Chruch of St. Donat: This is an absolutely beautiful church located in Old town Zadar. This spot overlooks the sea and the tower and is definitely worth climbing so that you can capture a beautiful view of the city looking downward. It is the largest pre-Romanesque building built in Croatia.

The archaeological museum: For a glimpse back into history the archaeological museum is one of the best places to see various artifacts and antiquities to the Roman era and more. With perfectly preserved pieces that go back thousands of years, you can get an in-depth history lesson on the area here.