What to do and see in Korčula

What to do and see in Korčula

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After making your way over from mainland Croatia to the beautiful island of Korčula you’ll realize there are many things you must do. Hopefully you came over on the ferry ride and were able to enjoy the views of Korčula from the sea. If so, first thing you would enjoyed are the town walls which were used as original defensives built in the 13th and 14th centuries to protect the inner city.

You must visit Old Town while you are there. The buildings date back to the 14th century and you can get lost wandering through the ancient streets. There are many restaurants you can stop in for a dinner of fresh fish and a glass of Croatian wine. You could also sign up for a bike or walking tour of the city if you prefer learning more of the history of the town.

It is said that Marco Polo spent his formative years in Korčula although there is much debate about this. While in Korčula you can visit the Marco Polo Museum for a little history lesson. There is also the Korčula Town Museum which showcases the history of the city itself.

There are many beaches to lounge on while in Korčula. The two most popular beaches are Pupnatska Luka and Vela Przina. The beaches of  Korčula offer clear waters and lovely views of the surrounding villages.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra cash, sign up for a boat ride to tour the surrounding islands. There are many different boat tours including tours of fishing, wineries, and architecture on the outside of the city.

If you enjoy wine, there are many wineries to visit. There are many tours you can participate on and try out wine with the winemakers themselves. Korčula produces white and red wine and you can try white wine Posip and Grk and reds Dingac and Plavac.