Why you should visit Trogir

Why you should visit Trogir

trogir croatia

There are many reasons  why Trogir is a place that should not be missed. If you are planning a trip to Croatia and Split area here are some the top attractions that you can visit in Trogir as part of your tour:

The Kamerlengo castle: This castle was a fortress originally built in Trogir in the 15th century. The structure was built by the Republic of Venice as a defensive barrier for the bay. Today this unique castle is both a historical site as well as a restaurant offering unique waterfront views.

The Trogir Cathedral: This cathedral is dedicated to St. Lawrence and it is a Roman Catholic basilica that is constructed in the triple naved style. This cathedral is an excellent example of Romanesque Gothic architecture and it is definitely a site that cannot be missed during a trip to Trogir.

Cipiko Palace: This grand and palatial home can be found directly across from the main cathedral in this area. This home was first built in the 15th century and it showcases some amazing architecture as well as the chance to take it in next to a wonderful square and café. Grab a coffee and marvel at the skilled builders from an ancient age.

St. Sebastian church: No longer used for services, this 1476 church shelters stone sarcophagi and the photos of locals killed in the 1990s war.

Consider some of these top reasons take a trip to Trogir during your next vacation in Croatia, you will love this amazing UNESCO site.